why is my computer so slow all of a sudden

Why Is My Computer So Slow All Of A Sudden [How To Fix]

Are you worried? Because, your computer is too slow, also you are not able to work properly on your computer. Certainly, this is the right place for you and exactly this article for you. Learn from here how to fix why is my computer so slow all of a sudden problem with the best solution ways. This is the most common issue for those who are computer users.

Behind the slow your computer has many reasons now we see why the computer is slow and how to fix it. We will try to talk about each issue of why computers so slow are and how to fix these issues easily. Now read the article and learn these ways. For slowing a sudden your computer some primary reason is a highlight below? It can be many reasons for slowing your computer. We will mention the major issues that are noticed early and late.

  • Became older Hardware. Using older hardware computers can be very slow. Older hardware is inescapable gets slower over time.
  • Because of using antivirus regularly like McAfee, Malware, Avast, ESET NOD32 Antivirus, Norton Antivirus, Bit defender Antivirus, etc. Really if you are run anti-virus it can slow your computer. This software takes any space on your CPU. That’s why your computer is slow.
  • If you are using your computer around for a long time. Remember it, I’ve got trouble shutting down my computer, especially when any browser has tabs or works that you can’t shut down your computer. However, you should change your computer operating system at least every year. Also remember it, don’t just put it to sleep, of course, restart it).
  • If you keep starting a lot of Browser tabs it can slow your PC. Always try to use some tab.
  • A familiar issue is overheating your PC. It can for hot weather for sometimes not only regular but if the issue is constantly that’s solved because it is one kind of problem.

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Reasons why your computer may be slow ‍at various reasons:

  • When you want to open any program it opens very slowly
  • Your computer windows open slowly that is really disgusting.
  • It takes a long time when want to shout button makes more loading time.
  • Game or apps open very slowly
  • Slow your computer while you browse the online internet and download something.

Why is my computer so slow all of a sudden and what causes a computer to suddenly become so slow? Fixes it

1. Remove Temporary Files

You should remove temp files from your computer. If you do not remove the temp file face you have faced slow when you use a computer. Remember, all the temporary files occupy a lot of space on your computer. Besides, various third-party PC apps take space in your operating system.

There are no uses tropically the temporary files these apps are consuming a large amount of space it is one kind of reason to make your computer slow. I suggest you to remove all temporary files and help to progress your computer performance from before. It may now remove all temp files from the temp directory. I suggest you remove it manually.

  • Go to your computer keyboard and press (Windows key +R) together.
  • Then type “temp” on the search dialog box.
  • Now press the enter key and get all temp files.
  • At this instant select, all temp files then delete. In the same way type “%temp%”
  • Then Press Enter next select all files like before time then delete.

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2. Get Rid of TSR & Startup Programs

Remember it, For TSR (terminate-and-stay-resident) & Startup programs could be your computer very slow. These programs take up a lot of space on your computer and slow down your computer. You need to put off these problems and perform your computer well.

Basically, startup programs are created automatically when you turn on your computer. These programs run in the background of your computer. Then take up a lot of hard drive space on your computer and slow down your device. Luckily, you can remove the start-up program to get good speed and perform your device.

To get a ride of the startup program you need to disable the startup program and other third-part apps from your computer. If you want to disable go to tools then the start-up program now disables the start program simple click.

Remove a TSR program from your computer press (Ctrl+Alt+Del) together now find the task manager option and on this screen, you will get three option applications>process>performance. Click on the performance and press the end of the Task option. Now don’t make the TSR program automatically. Now your PC will perform well.

3. Look Into Malware and Viruses

There is also a possibility of your computer slowing down because malicious software slows it down and runs in the background. It may not be flat-out malware – it perhaps interferes with your web browsing to track it and add additional ads.

Your computer may be slowed down by viruses because malicious software slows down your whole system. It may interfere with your web browsing to track it and add additional ads. You can scan your device with antivirus programs to be additional secure.

You must scan it with malware, which catches a lot of “potentially unnecessary programs” that tend to ignore most antivirus programs. These programs try to steal your private programs when you install other third-party software and you are don’t want them.

4. Clean Up Disk Space

Check your hard drive you need to completely clean to get rid of slow speed. You should leave some space on your computer to work on your hard drive very well. Due to disk clean-up, helps you to increase device speed by removing unwanted program files from the Operating system.

If you want to fix it you should follow our instructions here to get rid of this issue on your computer. I want to Clean up disk space no need for any third-party app just a built-in tool in Windows can be quite helpful to clean up your computer.

Go to your computer keyboard and type the Disk cleanup and press the Enter key of your computer. It will scan the wanted file a few times then remove the files and no need to drive. Here are included some unwanted files that are removed from the device.

  • Recycle Bin
  • Temporary Files
  • Cache or cookies file
  • Third-party computer software
  • Temporarily downloaded program files

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5. Download Third-Party Software

Most of the time we need to download and install various types of third-party computer applications that are really not good for our computer. When downloading any app there are numerous free and cracked files of them.

Have you noticed when you download software that time opens new toolbars on the browser? Besides, the download file has a virus. This software is not virus protected. Any time can access a virus on your computer through downloaded files.

6. Try To Defragment Your Hard Disk

Defragmentation is a method for the clean-up of your device. The defragmentation system speared all the data all over the hard drive and keep up together. If you don’t defragment your computer it makes slow the device. Your computer device can be very slow. It can take longer the boot time your computer; it can be system failure and frequently crashes.

To apply this process find the Defragmentation of your computer search Bar and optimize the drive. You don’t defragmentation your device will be slow more. Now begin defragmentation computer C Drive and notice an improvement in your performance after completing apply this process.

7. Reduce Your Web Browser

Your web browser has a good chance you can use it a lot, so your web browser may be a bit slow. It’s a good thought to use as numerous browser extensions or add-ons as likely – it slows down your web browser and consumes more memory.

You need to remove clean browser extension and history and remove add-ons which are no need to you. But, you must consider enabling play plug-ins. It will help you to prevent put off flash memory and other unwanted content used during CPU.

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8. Decrease Animations

Many times we use several animations that are slow down our computer system. If you put off windows related animations it helps you to reduce slow system and maximum windows. If you remove animations then your computer will perform very well from next. To reduce animation or disable an animations system certainly you need to know how it does.

To do it press the Windows key button and X button together otherwise, press the start button and search the “System” option then select “Advanced System Setting”. This page has the perform option to click on the setting under the perform option.

In this window, you will get their option from the three options click on the “Advanced Option” then find the Adjust for the best performance. Or you can select custom under the visual effects. Now you can disable individual animation performances that are not watching animation.

Then click Apply and Ok. Now your preferable options are disabled that are not want to animation way. That option you have disabled those are not performed. Now your computer performs fast.

9. Close System Notification Programs

Many application systems run in notification and run in the background, but click the up arrow icon in the lower right corner of your screen, right-click on the application you don’t need, and close them to clear the computer system.

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10. Get Resource Very Hungry Programs

Your PC is running slow because some people are using these resources. If it suddenly slows down, the escape process can use up to 99% of your CPU organization. Or, an application is experiencing a memory leak and consuming a large amount of memory, which could lead to a change in your PC disk

Otherwise, an application is consuming a lot of disks, while other applications are slowing down when they need to load data from them or save it to disk. At this point, find out the Task Manager and then right-click on your taskbar and choose the “Task Manager” option or push (Ctrl + Shift + Escape) together to open it.

It can be Windows 8, 8.1, and 10; the new Task Manager provides an upgraded interface that color-codes the application use plentiful resources. Click the “CPU,” “Memory,” and “Disk” headings to sort the list by an application using the most resources. If an application uses too many resources, you may want to close it normally – if you can’t, select it here and click “Last Action” to force it to close up.

11. Due To Make Use Of Old CPU

Making use of an old CPU can overheat and make slow your computer. The improved CPU runs your PC rapidly. You need to do a CPU hassle test to make sure your computer’s CPU is the organization at full power and monitor your AMD CPU through System Monitor from AMD to observe your central processing unit is working as expected. To get better performance change your old CPU and Make sure new version CPU.

12. Despoiled or Inadequate RAM

Inadequate RAM can affect computer performance, allow your computer to restart randomly, create blue screens, etc. Also, if RAM is broken or corrupted, system memory may not necessarily handle progression and services. For this reason, your computer can slow. In this case, try to put back the despoiled RAM for your computer or put in additional memory to get rid of lag on PC on Windows 10/8/7.

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