How to Connect an Xbox One Controller to PC

How to Connect an Xbox One Controller to PC [Great Tips]

Are you looking for the right guide to connect Xbox Controller to PC? So, this article is for you. I exactly sure, if you follow our step-by-step complete guideline, then you will be able to connect an Xbox one controller to a PC. Because we are giving you some steps on how to connect an Xbox one controller to PC.

Connect a controller with a Pc it is very easy. We will explain about this topic as if you can connect X box several ways with your PC. While a keyboard and mouse are greater for many categories, there another sort of game that works best with a controller. This is the best option for all kinds of games. Microsoft’s consoles have the highest quality gaming controller always shipped to consumers. That it’s just only revised for this device series X system.

We have good news for Xbox users: The controller supports windows PC and setting procedure very easy it up only takes several minutes. An MS official driver permits any type of device to play with PC games where it has controller support. If you want to do connect several ways with windows PC, 10,7,8,8.1 by using the USB cable, Wireless Adapter for Windows, and you can do it. You will be connecting a controller without an adapter. Read the complete article to get Complete Guide about connect the Xbox controller. You can also read how to limit the download speed of Epic Game Launcher.

Download Xbox one Controller Driver Windows 10

I am showing you how to use your Xbox One controller on your PC before we start you obviously need your Xbox one controller and a standard micro USB cable. So, once you do have those items held onto your desktop and go onto google and type Xbox drivers. You will be download with two options you have got your 32-bit time at times 86 your 64-bit operating system.

If you use 64bit so you have to download the 64-bit driver for your PC. Whatever you are waiting to download and then click on the install. So, if we go in the XE once you have done that MSI. Essentially, and then you go through the installation process. I have already gone through it so I am not going to do that and now you’re going to want to plug the micro USB cable into the controller.

And then into the piece PC itself and both USB 2 and 3 do work. I try both and then once you’ve plugged in. It should light up and do a little bit of vibrate and there. You go that should be the end of how to install the one PC driver.

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Fix Xbox Controller Not Connecting to PC

Most of the user’s face has been having an issue with their Xbox controller. It disconnecting from their PC. They don’t know why it being and they want to play gears of War Unlimited Edition with a controller. Because, they don’t like the keyboard and mouse. It is quite a simple fix all you need to do is you need to go to the bottom lest right-click.

Then Go to Device Manager next to your peripherals click on your controller. Then right-click again updates your driver software. What you want to do is you want to go browser and choose the Microsoft Xbox controller. If it’s the elite controller then you do the one that.

I am doing which is an elite controller then click next and then it will reinstall the driver you will be good to go and everything will be sorted. Even, I hope this helped anybody that was having this issue. I know a lot of people have been having it.

 How to connect an Xbox One controller to PC via USB

How to connect an Xbox One controller to PC via USB

First Step: first and foremost, just connect your USB cable to your computer windows PC.

Second Step: Secondly Connect the Micro USB end-point with your Xbox Wireless Adapter One controller.

Third Step: To turn it on Press the Xbox logo on your controller now already have connoted with your computer.

Fourth Step: Now enjoy your games.

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How to Connect Xbox One Controller on PC Using via Wireless 

Option 1: First you have to collect one Xbox Wireless Adapter.

Option 2: To open a USB port on your PC If you want to connect this device. After Complete the system method for the adapter as drew.

Option 3: On your controller to turn it press the Guide button (see the logo).

Option 4: Top of the controller press the sync switch on until the logo starts flashing. It’s the minor switch just right of LB.

Option 5: Finally, Press the small adapter on the sync button. The Xbox logo stops flashing and turns solid on the controller. Now Xbox one controller pc wireless competes connect windows PC via wireless.

Cool Way to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC via Bluetooth

Cool Way to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC via Bluetooth

Basically, the original Xbox One controller to PC does not support Bluetooth but approximately versions of the one controller do it. You can realize directions on how to recognize a Bluetooth-capable regulator here. You need to have your PC windows 10-anniversary update to connect it.

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Follow These Steps and Try to Follow Our Step by Step instructions:

Step one: Holding the Xbox logo power on the Xbox One controller. This can be done by switching to Bluetooth using the three-step settings menu.

Step two: Turn on Bluetooth, go to the “Bluetooth and other devices” menu, and prepare to pair. Now go to Settings then Devices after that Bluetooth option, or entering “Bluetooth” into the Windows 10 search bar.

Step three: Press and hold for three seconds connect button on your device.

Step four: Press and hold the button attached to your Xbox controller for three seconds. You can find it near the USB port like this:

Step five: Now select “Pair” from the prompt in the Bluetooth settings menu. If not, continue below.

Step six: In the menu from “Bluetooth or other devices”. Now press the Sign to add Bluetooth or another device.

Step seven: Now add a new device then select “Bluetooth” for computers with a Wireless adapter built-in.

Step eight: Select “Everything else” to connect Xbox controllers. After that, it will start a search for available devices..

Step nine: Now you will be able to see the list of available devices then Select your device from them.

Step ten: finally. After selecting your Xbox controller from the list you will be able to add your PC via Bluetooth connection. Then you enjoy it.

Final Word

Complete guidelines for you on how to connect an Xbox One controller to a PC. We try to present a complete instruction easy way about connecting an Xbox one controller to a PC. If you follow our every step attentively I hope you will be able to connect an Xbox controller to a PC. Even so, if you need any help please know us your problem. We will try to help you each to solve our issues. If you like this article you can read the related article on how to limit the download speed of Xbox game pass for PC.]


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