How To Cut Video In VLC

How To Cut Video In VLC & Create New Video Easily On Windows/Mac

Here, I will share now how to cut video in VLC easy and simple in a short timeThis Media Player is a free and wonderful video player for not only playing videos from a different source. To create a video clip, you need to select a specific part of any video and cut it from an equivalent clip. To make one video and editing it you can select the beginning part and then ending point from your selected video.

Next, VLC will cut and save automatically from the first point to the last point to your PC. Due to various reasons, people do edit many types of videos such as presentation video, an advertorial video on Snapchat, and a YouTube channel. Videos may be trimmed for other reasons, it may be personal, and it may be for entertainment purposes. It also may spoil a family video, a personal record may feature an inviting cast, and it may contain less complex software such as MV3 or MP4, such as Movie Video Editor Plus.

VLC is fast and effective software by the Video LAN Organization and widely used media players. Many people only use software but they are not know how to trim video in VLC. It is useful for audio, video, movie, and a host of other video file formats. It is friendly with various operating systems such as Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, and UNIX.

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How To Cut Video In VLC & Creat New Video Clips On Windows/Mac [Best Guide]

In this post, you will get the best guide on how to cut video in vlc and create a new video. If you follow these instructions I exactly sure you will be able to create a new awesome video and smooth editing experience.

How To Crop/Trim/Merge A Video in VLC

This Media Player is the best video editing software it can easily cut videos. It’s easy to use and allows you to trim parts of your video. You can never have a long video file that you don’t want to delete. Just save your favorite sections and leave the rest. It allows you to easily share videos with your friends. You can learn from this article how to cut the video in VLC Mac also windows and other operating system.

How cut parts of an unnecessary video file using VLC Media Player:

  1. First of all, open your normal VLC screen, now go to the menu bar then option View > Advanced Controls.
  2. The recording button will remove normal player control buttons.
  3. Now open up your video which is looking to cut.
  4. Play the video which wants you to trim or scroll around to the beginning point where you want to cut it.
  5. Click on the record button at the starting point. It is the circular red button.
  6. Now Move the frame to frame using the “Frame by frame” button for more precision.
  7. Again, hit the record button, after you reach the finish point.

Take Help To Edit or Cut Video Easily Via Hotkeys:

You can use the shortcut keys to get extract clips from the video.

  • Press (Shift + R) to start recording.
  • Press (Shift + R) to end recording:

After completing the recording cut it off then the player will display. Your cutting video will be saved in my video windows folder. Find your video from these folders C:\Users\Username\Videos folder if Windows is installed in C: drive. For another Operating system, you can find document folder file name can be like vlc-record-2013-11-16-14h25m16s-vlc-streaming-audio. I think that the VLC media editor is best for editing and cut also create the new video.

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 How Can You Save A Streamed File?

For high-traffic sites like YouTube require more time and patience to create clips to cut/trim videos for other functions; you can get millions of views per second from a huge base of viewers around the world. This can be very useful and requires to copy the URL of the webpage and paste it into the VLC Network Streaming section.

For windows, you can use (Ctrl+N) or (Crnd+Shift+W) for Mac shortcut key from your keyboard. You will use the shortcut option after pasting the URL when streaming / exporting and select the Enter button to start the video. You need to save the file for the next step. By the way, the saved file will work only after the installation VLC extension add-on. The next step before trimming a video in VLC you have to save the streamed file and copy the collected data from the VLC player. Finally, you have to paste in the respective folder for various sorts of OS.

For Window OS >ProgramFiles (x86)/VideoLAN/VLC/playlist

For Mac OS > (all users) Applications/

How To Cut The Video in VLC Also Finding and Identification of the Saved File

After trimming your video to conduct easily search for a video, VLC modifies the name of the created data such as vlc-2019-02-18- 8h14min-6s-vlc-streaming-audio. Besides, this process has another easy and simple method of identifying save data of files folder on Windows OS. The MP4 file format may later convert to several available formats at the preference of the operator. VLC is the most suitable and generally accepted output formats such as MP3, MKV, AVI, DV Audio, FLV, WEBM, MP4, MPEG-2, AC-3, PVA, MPJPEG, PS, and quick time formats.

 How To Merge Videos in VLC

  • First Open your video file and go to Media then converter/save click add search for your video file then click on show more option.

  • Then play another media click on the browser and search for your click on add. Then search for your music file. Now select and then convert and save it.

  • This drop-down will display the output.
  • You can select mp4 YouTube HD whatever you want. Now select the destination. Then give a file name and click on start. Now complete your video marge file using a VLC media player.


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Can You Trim Videos With VLC Player?

Sometimes your video files may be too long uploaded or shared. In this case, you can choose to split the long video into smaller clips of the video to remove the unnecessary part from the video. VLC Media Player is a free and open-source cross-platform multimedia player with lots of useful tools. If you want to transfer the media file it works nicely. If you want to transfer the media file it works nicely. Even, you can also record screen and transfer stream broadcasting media to your local network and so on.

It can help you edit and cut videos on the computer. VLC does not support video cutting. However, use it to record video playback. In this way, extract a part as a separate file from the source video. To cut Mac or Trim Video Windows 10 involves a similar process for cutting any video using VLC.

Final Note

Already you have got a lot of information about how to cut video in VLC also much more. You would learn from the above information editing video or music, trimming or cutting or crop video as you want. Otherwise, you can have learned how to trim videos on the windows media player. To get more info to stay with us also know your opinion about this article through the comment box.

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