Uninstall Unwanted Programs File on Windows 10

How to Uninstall Apps and Unwanted Programs File on Windows 10

Unwanted apps and programs mean that modify the Windows experience without your permission or control. This can lead to altering your online browsing experience, download, and installations, unauthorized changes to the Windows setting. If you want to uninstall unwanted apps and programs files. You can get proper guidelines from this article about How to Uninstall Unwanted Programs File on Windows 10 easily using some steps.

I think it is the most important work is uninstalling unwanted programs for laptop and desktop users. If you’re a new Windows 10 user, you may not know how to remove or any apps programs & features. Some old-School programs and features also control panel menu are used still exists that Windows 7 and XP users.

Actually, newer types of apps won’t remove. It is a desktop app program and a new-fangled common app, there’s one easy method to remove programs windows 10. Also, you may know what type of app it is. You can get your expected information about it from here. That is why I think that this is the best place for you for learning proper methods to uninstall program window 10. Read the complete content to know more details. You can also read how to Screenshot on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

How to Uninstall Unwanted Apps and Programs Files with Unnecessary Apps & Features via Start Menu

This is the first method to uninstall your laptop’s unnecessary program or another program. It will be the best method for you to uninstall unwanted program files. You can try this method without any doubt to remove unwanted programs successfully.

By following our complete instructions I hope, you will be able to uninstall unwanted programs from your Windows device. Exactly these steps will help you properly to remove programs windows 10. Now follow our methods below and read the full article with the patient to know more details about it.

1. If you want to apply this method to uninstall programs. First of all, open your computer then go to “Start Menu”. If you don’t know where the stay is on this menu just check the lower left-handed desktop screen. How to get it this menu to see like the below picture.

2. Secondly, follow the next step. Now Right-click on the Start Menu button. Then notice Setting Option on your desktop screen. it will see like below.

3. Thirdly, you have to do double-click on the Setting Option then you can see System Option (Display, Notifications, apps, power).

4. Next double click on the System option. After clicking the system option next screen will come several types of options under the System menu. From them, you have to find out Apps & Feature options.

5. Then you will be able to watch a lot of apps features in front of your screen at once. If you want to uninstall any unwanted programs you can do it from here. For uninstalling unnecessary programs right-click on the program.

6. Here will come the Uninstall option for uninstalling the program file. When you click on the uninstall option, they will give a masseuse to confirm it. Such as: This app & its related info will be uninstalled. Then click uninstalled to uninstall this file. To confirm the Click Yes option.

7. Already, the uninstall process has been started. Finally, to uninstall this program file, click on the uninstall option.
8. Again, you will get the messages Do you want to uninstall Bluesticks (for example: filename)? If you want to uninstall it. Finally, click on the Uninstall option. Automatically is uninstalling the program. When you finish uninstalling the wanted program file then you will see the Completed button then click here.

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Delete Programs Windows 10 Through the Control Panel

This is the second method of uninstalling programs on windows 10. You can try this method to delete unnecessary programs file. This procedure helps you to remove uninstall programs windows 10. If you follow the second method you can try the steps below.

At first, go to your shortcut control panel option under from start Menu. If you cannot short cut system so, firstly keep your mouse pointer on the start menu then click on the right button of the mouse. After that click on the search option to search the control panel. Write the control panel in the search box like below.

When you write control panel automatically will come control panel option. Then click the control panel option next screen will get one option named Programs under the control panel.

Now click on the programs option next screen comes to an option named programs and features.

Next, double-click on the “programs & features” option. Now you can see several types of install programs listed on your screen under uninstall or change a program. If you want to uninstall any programs select them from the list and then click uninstall.

That is the final step. When you click on the uninstall program then you will ask. If you agree to uninstall the program file from your system, just click on the “Confirm” option. Then finish. That’s it.
Lastly, has been completed uninstall unnecessary programs from your computer. After finish uninstall you will see these types of the screen below.

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