Is Softpedia Safe

Is Softpedia Safe to Use & How Trustworthy is Softpedia?

Softpedia is one of the most popular and downloadable Romanian Companies owned by Softnews Net SRL. Primarily, it provides index information, software information, downloads, and news. Basically, its main categories are Windows, Mobile, Mac, Linux, Games, Drivers, Web Scripts, and News. It also covers tech and science news from external and internal sources.

After all, many times people ask me whether is Softpedia safe to use. Depend on this question I tried to right answer about is Softpedia safe or not.  I will also discuss how trustworthy is Softpedia. If you want to know about the topic this is the right place for you. I hope if you have read this article by the end. I am exactly sure you will get the information you are looking for.

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Is Softpedia Safe To Use With Important Note About Softpedia

The Softpedia includes one or more screenshots of each product. Even Softpedia staff provides top features to help illustrate for users. Most sites provide information by their software developers. But Softpedia reviews are privately by its staff reviewers. Each review adds 1-5 ratings and often features universal ratings. So, every visitor to the site can contribute to the downloadable product.

Products are sorted into categories and sub-categories so that visitors can get the latest updates, a number of downloads, or ratings. There are free & commercial software, trials, and demos these are can individually. Products that contain irrelevant and unexpected elements and offers are clearly marked with links to full details so that visitors can choose to download and install them.

Actually, Softpedia host many kinds of product on their personal servers even these products are naturally scanned for malware that’s why they are obtainable although their developers don’t have sites. In addition to being a popular destination for downloading, it also provides news related to information technology, software, and technological equipment.

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What is Softpedia?

Softpedia is a big software collection library for Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems. There are several types of products in the Softpedia library such as: updated and latest, software file, firmware, Drivers, Games, and other things.  This software and other products are tested (scanned for malware) by our team.

With their product has added the signs of 100% clean to use them on the other hand, other free software without 100% sign is not safe to use I always recommend don’t use this software which is not 100% safe sign. Certainly, you should go to the official website to search and download your preferred software or other things. You can just follow Softpedia as a great collection store.

How Trustworthy is Softpedia?

I am having used personally Softpedia for eight years as a user to download software from this site. I can safely say that it provides regularly basic the right content with information.  you can check using WOT / Web of Trust. It is trusted and safe and it has Child Safety of 93/100 that is excellent. It also provides the latest and updated software information and downloadable software file.

Softpedia doesn’t provide outdated or erroneous information on its website. I confirmed it after 8 years of use. However, Softpedia is the most popular and top-rated trustworthy downloadable destination. Even, it is always clear about pornography. All can be said based on the matters Softpedia is the largest, safest, and trustworthy website for downloading all kinds of products. You can use it confidently.

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Is Softpedia.Com Safe To Use and Why?

The short answer is yes.  You can use Softpedia safely. It is one of the trustworthy and largest software libraries. Most importantly, the products that Softpedia uploads to their servers are automatically scanned for malware.

Here are some causes about why is Softpedia safe to use:

  1. Softpedia is the biggest and most popular software library for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It is provided for the latest version of the software, Drivers, games, and other things for its users.
  2. As the largest download gateway that doesn’t cover software packages/installers & provides original files from developers with exactly what they offer.
  3. Everything is checked by local security and sometimes double-checked through virus total for viruses, so you won’t find malware. Moreover, any testified scareware, clones, or scams are removed instantly.
  4. If a developer picks to comprise third-party components (like adware) with the installer, then Softpedia tries to discover clean setups, and if this is not possible, the bundled installers are explicitly identified as “ad-supported” which other download portals don’t it.

Is Softpedia Free From Any Malware?

Actually, it depends on the definition of malware, when maximum people say “malware”, it means viruses. While, you won’t find any real viruses in Softpedia, but an antivirus can detect a few apps as malware in Softpedia, and it can be done correctly … in part. For instance, some developers decided to include adware in their installers then they try to find and provide free sets of adware, but this is not always possible.

Thus, Softpedia notifies viewers about them, and these third-party components can be checked/avoided (otherwise the package will not be listed), but antivirus still detects them because they ’re-pips’ (potentially Unwanted program). Last but not least, there is no perfect security software, all of which detect apps as infected even though they are perfectly safe to install or use.

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Final Word

Finally, I can say you have got your expected pieces of information about this question is Softpedia safe or not? And then you have known more information on how trustworthy is Softpedia? I tried to provide exact information from my experience. If, you have more information about is Softpedia safe to use you can share it with us without any hesitation. We want to know your opinion from your end. We also know your opinion about the article how is helpful for you?


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