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Xvideoservicethief Ubuntu 14.04 Download Free |Best Guide 2022

Xvideoservicethief Ubuntu 14.04 Download: Xvideoservicethief is a popular video downloading tool that helps you to download your favorite video clips from popular online video platforms websites. It also helps you to convert video using different formats such as: MP4, MP3, MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI, 3GP, and WMV.

Xvideoservicethief Video Downloader will help you when you want to download videos from online video sites and save them to your local disk. So, Xvideoservicethief Free Download For Android Studio Apk and then download your favorites videos from various online platforms.

When you want to download your favorite videos from different popular platforms this downloader will help you to download easily from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Tumbler, and much more. It allows downloading multiple videos at the same time. Even, it also allows choosing video formats. Even, users can convert any video file to MP3 according to their present player.

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Xvideoservicethief Free Download For Android Studio Apk

What is Xvideoservicethief for Android?

Xvideoservicetheif is an absolutely free application for Android smartphones and iOS devices. Basically, it is developed by Basil. Presently, the latest version app is (2.41). Xvideoservicethief 2.4 1 is the latest version for free download on the android studio apk. The app has 5 ratings from 3 votes and downloads 1927.

You can download the updated version 2.41 software for android studio apk. Also, you can download it from Google Play Store. You can also download from the download button. It supports DLNA’s DMR function 720/1080 HDMI TV-out.

Xvideoservicetheif Application Details

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Main Features of Xvideoservicetheif

You can check out the significant features of the Xvideoservicetheif application. All the features are really great for users. That’s why; the application is the best option for you to download video on Android, iOS, computer, and laptop devices.

Let’s get seen these features.

  • From this software automatically you can save and restore video download lists in this app.
  • To download the video directly drop the video URL link on the search box the search and download your video.
  • You can use the download scheduler to download any video series.
  • Xvideoservicetheif is easy to use from other application
  • Even, you will get the best download speed.
  • You can download many videos at once.
  • You will get access to a number of web video services
  • Convert your video using any popular video format such as MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MPEG, and so on.
  • If you want to outspread your copy of xVST. You can do it using JavaScript plugins.
  • It supports the DMR (digital mobile radio) function of DLNA. It also supports 720P/1080 HDMI TV-Out.
  • This video downloader application is safe from viruses.
  • Still,  any engine can not detect as a harmful file
  • So, it uses safe and free for users.

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Why Should You Use the Xvideoservicetheif Application?

Secure and Virus-Free for Users

This application is secure for all users and virus protected. It is fully malware-free and virus-free for your device. It is a malware and virus-free application tested by our team.


You will get the best download speed when you download any video. Many video downloaders offer a great downloading panel but using that app you won’t get good speed. Especially, it will provide you a great speed. If we notice, we see some software has not to a good speed.

Users always expect to get better speed whenever they download something. Good download speed is the main feature of a downloader. Because all users want to get a high-speed downloader to download anything like audio, video, game, and movie.

But Xvideoservicetheif will provide you super-fast download speed when you download any video because it’s downloaded a single file over various connections.


It has a simple and easy interface in this application. You can use a lot of features of this software without premium.

Parallel Download

Download multiple videos using this application software. You will be able to download many videos at the same time. If you want to download multiple videos at a time, just open multiple new tabs and then paste video URLs in each new tab.

Now select the video quality and press on the download option to download your desired videos. This is the most advantage for users’ parallel download system.

Large Pool

You will be able to download any video completely free. Fundamentally, it works with a huge number of websites.

Schedule Downloads

Save your videos on a schedule. You can also download reserved videos. You need to set a time to download future videos. While you will complete the time setting process for downloading future videos. Then it will start downloading as per the time setting of your scheduled videos.

Download Video to the Popular Formats

Especially, all users will be able to download their favorite videos using different formats such as: MP4, MPEG2, Avi, WMV, MPEG1, 3GP, and so on. It is not only a video downloader but also it is an excellent audio converter. You can use app without any hesitation.

Resume Downloading

In finally, you can start incomplete downloads easily. This is a great opportunity for users and prominent features of in case the download.

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How to Download Xvideoservictheif  Free For Android

It is an easy-to-use and straightforward android and iOS application. This software uploaded file is 9.0 MB will take storage space on your device. Before downloading this application check free enough storage to install it on your device. It is malware and virus-free we make sure by scanning.

In this section, we will share some steps on how to download the Xvideoservicetheif apk file from our website by following our instructions.

  1. Firstly, go to the download button on our website.
  2. Now download the Apk file with a single click from the download button.
  3. Now your application will be installed automatically. It may take a few minutes to complete the installation.
  4. Now you have to run the app on your android device. Before running the app you need to allow unknown sources from your Android device.
  5. Now click on the install option to install the application.
  6. In this step, finish the install process, after complete installation, an app icon will appear on your home screen. Now use and enjoy it

Xvideoservicethief Download Free

In this section, you will be able to download Xvideoservicethief freely. I will share with you all the version download methods. You can download the Xvideoservicethief downloader for android, iOS, and Mac.

Even you can also download Xvideoservicethief downloader as per your device or operating system such as: Xvideoservicethief download for Windows, Xvideoservicethief download for PC, Xvideoservicethief download for Desktop, Xvideoservicethief download for Laptop, Xvideoservicethief download for Mac,

Xvideoservicethief download for Linux, Xvideoservicethief download videos for Android, Xvideoservicethief download Linux free 3gp, Xvideoservicethief download for za darmo, Xvideoservicethief download for iOS, Xvideoservicethief download windows 7, Xvideoservicethief download windows 8,

Xvideoservicethief download windows 10, Xvideoservicethief 2.4 1 free download for android studio apk, Xvideoservicethief ubuntu software, Xvideoservicethief descarga gratis para Mac, Xvideoservicethief os Linux download.

Final Note

So, when you want to download for free from online video platforms you can use the software without any hesitation. Xvideoservicethief will be best for you to download any videos. If you like the video please share the video with your friends you can also share this post on your social media platforms. If you like the article you also check the other article Xvideostudio.Video Editor Apk For Android and iOS.

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