How to Install Android 5.1 on HP Touchpad

How to Install Android 5.1 on HP Touchpad?

With the recent launch of Android 5.1 Lollipop, many HP Touchpad users are eager to update their devices to the latest version. However, some users are facing installing issue of Android 5.1 lack of a proper USB port. To make things a little easier for you, we have put together this guide on how to install Android 5.1 on the HP Touchpad.

By following our instructions, you will be able to install Android 5.1 on your HP Touchpad without any issues. Given this limitation, some users decided to install Android 5.1 on their HP Touchpad by using a custom ROM.  It is still possible to install Android 5.1 on HP Touchpad if you follow the correct steps.

Setting up a new device is always exciting, but it can be even more fun when you install the latest Android OS (operating system). Whether you’re upgrading an old device or starting from scratch, this guide is designed to help you get Android 5.1 installed on your HP Touchpad. In this post, we will provide a complete guide on how to install android 5.1 on hp touchpad successfully.

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Things to Consider Before Using Android 5.1 on an HP Touchpad

The first thing to consider is the version of Android that is running on your HP Touchpad. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Android, the upgrade may require you to reinstall all of your apps. And, if you are using an earlier version of Android, it is recommended that you use the official update tool to upgrade to the latest version.

It is best to use Android 5.1 on an HP Touchpad because it is still one of the best Android versions for a touchscreen tablet. The newer version of Android, 5.1, is faster and more stable. then the previous version. It is available on the HP Touchpad. The new version also supports more advanced features like multi-tasking and better data compression. Also, it will provide a better user experience.

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What is Android 5.1?

How to install android 5.1


Android is a mobile operating system created by Google. It is the most popular mobile OS in the world. It is used on a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, televisions, cars, and smartwatches. Android 5.1 is the latest version of Android. It includes new features and enhancements, as well as bug fixes.

How to Install Android 5.1 on HP Touchpad By Following our steps

Installing Android 5.1 on HP Touchpad is one of the best ways to enjoy Android 5.1 on the HP Touchpad. This guide will show you how to install Android 5.1 on HP Touchpad. Follow the steps given below to install Android 5.1 on HP Touchpad:

What tools do you need to start this process?

  1. Line Interface tool (Novacom).
  2. Moboot from Google code, Zip file.
  3. CyanogenMod 7.1.0 ALPHA 1.
  4. ACMEInstaller.

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Important File Transfer 

In this step, you have to copy all files and then transfer all files from your computer to the HP Touchpad. You can use the following steps below:

  1. Connect your HP Touchpad to your computer with a USB cable.
  2. After that, set the boot in webOS, and then connect it to your PC using a USB cable.
  3. Press on the USB Drive to transfer files from your PC to the HP Touchpad.
  4.  After that, the drive is well organized, Now copy all other files and create a log file for installation.

How to Install Android 5.1 on HP Touchpad


In this section, we are going to share how to install Android 5. 1 on Hp touchpad successfully by following our step by step instructions here. I belive that, if you follow our all step carefully then you will be able to install Android 5. 1 on your hp touchpad easily. Let’s try our steps from below:

Step 1: Download Android 5.1 for HP Touchpad from the link below:


Step 2: Extract the files and copy the “” file to the root directory of your SD card.

Step 3: First of all, You need to “Switch Off “your HP Touchpad.  And then boot it into Bootloader mode. After the boot loader menu appears wait for it. Then you will ask if you want to flash the zip file, continue with “Yes”. Afterword, hit the power key again when prompted with an option to wait one minute (Don’t touch anything!).

Step 4: Connect your HP Touchpad using its USB data cable or Power Saving Mode (Lid closed). You will see a prompt in which “Fast” options are present at first until finished.

Step 5: Select Software update then choose the option to “Firmware”

Step 6: Hit flash, wait for around 2 minutes. Then reboot/select your device in Fastboot mode as shown below

It’s Done! You’ve successfully updated your HP Touchpad with Android 5.1 jelly bean firmware. Now, you can enjoy all its functionality. Here are included lock screen customization (Like unlock pattern, physical camera button, and fingerprint pin). Also, it has multitasking features for Settings, Calculator, and other app shortcuts.

To check successful updates just go to the native “Settings” launcher in the Apps section of your device. You will see a new option named as “Google Nexus” with no description. It implies that you’ve most recently downloaded official notice from Google regarding an upgrade from Android 4.4 to 5.1 platform on your HP Touchpad or LG G Pad 8.3 tablet. Also, you can see “Android Version: 6” which implies that it’s officially running Jelly Bean firmware based upon the Android Platform.

[Important Note: Please note that this update may cause door lock and fingerprint apps to stop working. If you have all dates then you will be able to this issue. To resolve this issue you will need to Fingerprint, Iris, Passcode, and backup file. After that, you can restore them from down of time.

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Frequently Ask Question:

What is a Good Method for Installing Android 5.1 on HP Touchpad?

Ans: What is the safest way to flash an updated firmware file on your HP Touchpad (aside from waiting for an official OTA update)?

How to Update Android 5.1?

Ans: Do you think that updating to new versions of Android is important for improving performance?  Just wait, it will update seamlessly on your device.

Where Can I Download the Latest Official Firmware?

Ans: You can download your SD card or storage file. While the file will start the download process just change root to download as your preferable place.

What is the Difference Between Stock and Custom ROMs, Which one Should I Choose, and Why?

Ans: Custom ROMs speed up your phone a lot more than stock ROMs. You can choose custom ROMs.  You can choose Custom ROMs to get better speed.

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