IoT Hidden Menu Galaxy S6

What is IoT Hidden Menu Galaxy S6 and How Does Work?

Many Samsung Smartphone users are faced with the question “What is the IoT hidden menu galaxy s6?” Many users are interested to know about IoT Hidden Menu and how does work and also why is added IoT hidden menu on their smartphone devices. Actually, who are curious about IoT hidden menu and want to gather a piece of knowledge about this question.

This is the right place for them. We know that, most smartphones have a lot of settings systems about hardware and software systems. Ultimately, we estimate an average smartphone user may not be able to check how does work and how to use it?

However, if you understand, the Samsung smartphone device’s number of private codes, I hope you will be able to know all about your smartphone deice such as factory reset, secret camera,, valuable data, and many more things together. In this article, I will explain to you every matter about IoT hidden Menu on Samsung mobile devices.

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What is IoT Hidden Menu on Android?

IoT Hidden Menu Galaxy s6

IoT Hidden Menu is a hidden feature found in Samsung Galaxy S6. It allows you to control various settings related to IoT devices connected to your phone. For example, you can turn off the device, change the settings, and so on. There is also a tool available that allows you to view the status of all the IoT devices connected to your phone.

It is one of the most important to know for Samsung smartphone users to check some unique options by checking device conditions in the hidden Menu. From hidden menu options, you will be able to check many important options such as: display, hardware faults, colors, touch, sneakier, ringtone, receiver, and many more options. To access your IoT Hidden Menu you need to dial *#0*#.  When you will dial this code you will be able to hide the menu on your Samsung phone.

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Important Features of IoT Hidden Menu Galaxy S6

IoT Hidden Menu Galaxy S6

Dear, all Samsung users do you know your Samsung phone has a lot of excellent features. Most users don’t know how to access and check these features. Today I will share with you these important features of your smartphone phones.

I think, you don’t know about these features before. On the other hand, if you face any hardware problem on your Samsung phone it is possible to identify easily using this code. When you dial *#0*# then you will get a screen like an LCD with a test tile. Follow the steps below and then test all features. So, friends let’s get started.

Red, Green, Blue:

Here, you will get an LCD screen after dialing this code: *#0*#.  If you are a Samsung user you should know all features of the LCD screen and how does work. This feature has been developed by Samsung to bridge the between technology lovers and environmentalists.

The Reducing Blue feature reduces energy consumption by automatically turning off features when they are not in use. The Green feature helps reduce environmental damage by reducing the amount of time a phone spends idle. And the Green feature helps keep your phone running smoothly by slowing down animations and unnecessary processes.


Vibration is another feature of android phones. Using this feature, you can check whether your vibration sound works perfectly or not. Tap on the vibration option and then needs to activate this option on your phone to check everything.


There are a few ways in which work Sensor can be used on Android. One way is to use it to track the amount of time that you spend on your phone. This can be helpful in tracking your productivity and helping you to better manage your time.

Additionally, a Sensor is used to monitor the accuracy of your devices’ sensors and help you to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. It also helps you monitor your environments, such as the temperature, humidity, and air quality. You can then view the data on a map or graph, or export it to a file for further analysis.


The receiver is the most important feature of the Android phone.  It uses to receive calls, text messages, and notifications from any Android phone. It is a very useful feature. If you’re an Android user, you might have noticed that when you make a new call.

The phone will often go straight to the person’s voicemail, even if they’re not currently on the call list. This is thanks to the work receiver feature, which automatically connects you to the receiver of a call when they’re not currently using their phone.

However, it helps you to send and receive other systems on an android phone. If you click on the receiver screen if the receiver has an unknown sound from your phone it means the receiver is not working perfectly it is damaged.

Mega Camera:

The mega camera will help you to check the back camera performance on your smartphone. It will open real HDR with auto flash for a better picture using the back camera. Work Mega Camera to shoot high-quality photos and videos with your phone’s camera. You can also use Work Mega Camera to capture beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, and other interesting scenes.


This feature is most important for you. Because, when you buy your favorite smartphone you should test whether that phone’s Touch screen is real or fake. This feature will help you to check the display touch on your phone. Many square boxes will appear which will turn green when you touch them. When you touch the boxes, the movement of your finger on the screen will be highlighted with a black line.

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How to Execute the Secret Codes on Galaxy S6 and other Brand Smartphones?

Before the section, I explained about IoT hidden menu. I hope, you have gathered a clear concept about IoT Hidden Menu. However, in this section, I will share a lot of secret codes that are very useful for all Android users. Probably, you don’t know about the secret codes on Android or other smartphones.

You will be to perform many specific tasks using these codes. We listed here all the needed and useful codes that really should know you. So, check your smartphone and explore the hidden Programmed codes.

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Alternative of IoT Hidden MenuI | System UI Tuner

System UI Tuner is an alternative to IoT Hidden Menu. In this section, you will get a similar interface to IoT hidden menu. SystemUI Tuner is a modified Android system utility app that allows users to change various settings on their Android devices.

Here are included the launcher, home screen, and font size. Some of the features of System UI Tuner that are of interest to content marketers include the ability to change the default launcher, change the font size, and add or remove app shortcuts. Now I will show you how to install the System UI Tuner and How does work?

  • To install the System UI Tuner first of all: go to Play Store.
  • Then, type “System UI Tuner-Launcher Shortcut
  • Tap on the install button and then wait until the install app.
  • Launch the App and then start your Setting.
  • Here you will get a big list of setting with the toggle button.
  • You will be able on/off any option using the toggle button.

So, guys, I already mention the alternative of IoT Hidden Menu. It is an app shortcut. Here you can get the best solution for the IoT hidden menu. No need more wait just install the app and then text your smartphone device. This is it.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to make the most out of your Samsung Galaxy S6, you need to be aware of the hidden menu options that are available. This menu allows you to customize your device to your liking, and can come in handy.

When you need to perform certain tasks without disrupting your regular workflow, keep an eye out for our blog next week, as we’ll be discussing this menu in-depth! Then you’ll love our guide on how to use IoT Hidden Menu Galaxy S6!

Not only will you be able to access important settings and features while on the go, but you’ll also be able to save time by automating certain tasks. Keep checking back on our website for more helpful tips and tricks related to IoT!

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