Connect Mac To Apple TV With Airplay

How To Connect Mac To Apple TV With Airplay: Best Tips

Hi, guys! If you are interested to connect mac to Apple TV with Airplay this article will help you to connect successfully step by step. Today I going to share a complete guide on about how to connect mac to Apple TV on Mac’s screen with Airplay. Requires a Mac built-in 2011, with a second-generation Apple TV with connection to a TV set. If your Mac can’t connect to Apple TV via Airplay, to connect you need to use an HDMI cable instead.

These days, people are viewing their big screen and TV shows via a streaming service. The media between television and computer is increasing forever more unclear. If you’re looking for a show via Netflix, the big flat-screen TV is working to offer the best viewing knowledge than the mac computer you use to go online.

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Mac to a television permit access to the international web on a big screen. Using mac and TV can also provide you with a second monitor, making gaming more industrious and entertaining. Even you can connect at once two external monitors or TV.

To check your external video hardware with mac competence, click on the Apple sign at the upper left of the screen then hit “Around this Mac. A webpage will open information about your Mac’s external video abilities; just scroll down and you see “Video Support” and read the information below it.

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How To Connect Mac To Apple TV

Easy way connect mac to apple tv

  1. Please turn on the Apple TV first time. If you using Apple TV first time, you may set and config the apple TV previously proceeding.
  2. When you start your work then Make sure weather have the same internet connection that your Mac and Apple TV. Maybe can change your Mac’s connection to match that of your Apple TV. Now check your current connection: Click on the “Wi-Fi” icon of Mac
  1. Look at the upper-right place of the screen, and then you will be able to name the network system now checkmark next to it. Open Settings of Apple TV Select the network system and review the name of the network to the right of the connection place.
  1. Open the menu of your Mac’s Apple TV Now click on the Apple sign in the screen upper-left corner then will appear a drop-down menu.
  2. Click the system preferences option it’s the drop-down menu. So open the System Favorites window.
  3. Click on the display. This monitor-shaped icon has left on the left side of the System Favorites window.
  4. Click on the Display tab. It’s the top window.
  5. Click the drop-down box of “Airplay Display”. You’ll find this option near the window bottom. So, doing it will prompt a drop-down menu.
  6. Click on the Apple TV. This is a drop-down menu. Doing this will prompt your Mac to start making an attempt to mirror its display to your Apple TV.

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How To Connect Mac To Apple TV Successful Connect Mac To Apple TV

Wait some time to be appearing mac screen on your Apple TV. Now noticed that your mac screen appears on the Apple TV. You have successfully emulated your Apple display.

  1. You can check in the “Show mirroring options in the menu bar” box at the bottom of the window to position a mirror icon in the top-right corner of the screen. This rectangular icon will prompt a drop-down menu with clicked connection options
  2. For playing video using Apple TV speakers, you need to regulate your Mac’s sound preferences.

However, TVs don’t at all times make excessively devoted computer screens, which typically have a lot of better resolution than a TV. You have got all information regarding connect procedure of mac to Apple TV. You can enjoy and do entertainment through the connect apple to tv with mac. If you like this article you can check also

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