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Top 10 Best Free Android Emulator For PC Windows 7/8/10

Get the best Android emulator for PC Windows 10 free from here. Basically, an Android emulator is one kind of software application that is allowed to simulate your Android mobile operating systems features on your Windows device. It is the best way to install any Android apps and games on your Windows 10/8/7, Desktop, Mac, and laptop devices using Emulator.

It is only used for debugging persistence.  Actually, all types of Android emulators are designed to run any Android apps and games on PCs and Mac devices. Previously, app developers tried to test their applications when shipping. A severs type of android emulator for PC also Mac is accessible if you want to change from iPhone to Android, in case you need an emulator.

Android emulators are winding up and prominently popularity maintains developing as Android.  Android emulators are interminable to attempt out a custom ROM. If you want to use the Android to the PC version. Amongst them, Bluestacks is the best rundown emulator for Windows PC.

In this article, we will provide a list of the top 10 free android emulators for PC Windows 7/8/10. These Android Emulators are popular, great, and have added 5 ratings by trusted users who are already using these Emulators. The top 10 Android emulators listed below are completely free to use on Windows 10. You can also read download Bluestacks Offline installer for PC Windows 7/Vista/XP/8.

 List of Top 10 Best Android Emulator for PC Windows 7/8/10 [For Free Use]

  1. BlueStacks
  2. Archon
  3. Nox Player
  4. Koplayer
  5. MEmu
  6. Android Studio
  7. Romix OS
  8. Genymotion
  9. GameLoop
  10. PrimeOS

1. Bluestacks

best android emulator for pc

This is a popular Android emulator for Windows/PC/Mac. Bluestacks work nicely and still regularly updated. Most time it is uses as a mobile gamer. It is the best for installing many games with a good setting. It is the best android emulators list. This app has a lot of features to improve their user’s experience. This is probably the best Android emulator and gives you excellence and trustworthiness. It is designed for smartphones and tablets. Users, you can use the Emulator for free. If you use the free version, there are some advertisements and random sponsorships. It is a faster Android emulator than others.

2. Archon

Archon Android emulator for pc

Archon is not a big shot & isn’t a traditional emulator for PC. To run Android apps on Chrome browser has a lot of fans. Particularly, it released Archon emulator on Google Chrome to run all kinds of Android Apps.  It is not suited for hardcore gaming. In most case, to download any apk files for your PC have many android emulators to make things easier for you.

You just have to check the emulator out and decide which emulator suits your PC the best.I hope that to get the most popular apk for your PC this article will help you properly! If you face the problem when you download Bluestacks, you can try this alternate emulator to get your desire app file.

The new Arcon Android simulator is the best option for running Android apps on your PC. Basically, this plugin technologically advanced to download APK files. That is why you can use it to run an app for Windows without any trouble. This application captures and fully reproduces the Android screen using keywords and a mouse.

Why you use ARChons?

  • Included in Chrome
  • It’s easy to install
  • Productivity apps

3. Nox App Player

Nox App Player For PC

Nox player is the best suited Android emulator for playing games like PUGH or Justice League. This emulator allows map keys on your mouse, keyboard, and gamepad for swiping. If you want to best result in case of gamming. So, you can use CPU and Ram specifically in the setting option.

It makes it easy to root the virtual device. In general, Nox App Player is the best popular & reliable emulator for using to get your desire apk file properly. Actually, you can install this emulator on your Windows or Mac. The emulator download process is similar to that of Bluestacks on Windows PC or Mac.

Nox App Player allows a one-click installation system short time of any third-party apps on your Windows PC devices. It works without crashes and it is updated regularly.

Why use Nox Player?

  • Relaxed to use
  • Stunning UI
  • Good controlling system
  • You can use it on multiple devices.

4. KoPlayer

KoPlayer For PC

The next KoPalyer is the greatest Android emulator for running any type of apk file on a Mac or Windows PC. To run the emulator is dedicated games and resource-intensive app on Windows PC.

Therefore, you won’t watch any delays or performance issues when you use KOPlayer. The emulator download procedure is similar to another emulator. you can download Koplayer for Windows 10 and Mac from here.

Why use KoPlayer?

  • You can set up any Android device.
  • It has a modest Unser friendly interface
  • Easy to use and free install advantage it.

Charge: Free

5. MEmu

MEmu App Player For PC

MEmu is one of the newer up-and-coming Android emulators.  Its emulator launched in 2015. It provides you similar advantages like  Nox and Blustacks. MEmu emulator for pc is good like Bluestacks. Within the MEmu android emulator has the most important features; it supports both Nvidia and AMD chips.

Besides, it also supports other Android versions such as Lollipop, Kit Kat, Bean, and Android Jelly. MEmu gives high performance for Gaming but not a good performance for graphics. In the case of graphics is poor performance. This emulator has been a key mapping option to improve your gaming.

It will be based on android Lollipop and high performance to playing games like Pokemon, Ingress, etc. However, it also a quite usable and efficient Android emulator. This is the perfect Android emulator for using mac device. If you want to best performance it is recommended you enable virtualization for your PC.

Why use MEmu?

  • When you use it you can get a key mapping advantage to increase gaming.
  • Set your essential location on Google Maps.
  • MEmu support both For AMD and Nvidia.

Charge: Free

6. Android Studio

android emulator for pc free download

Especially, the Android Studio emulator is developed catered toward developers. It has custom-tailored features. It is suitable for storage, RAM, CPU, signal strength, battery, GPU, and many more for those who want to test their applications. However, it is the best performance emulator for your PC.

Why should you use Android Studio?

  • This is Google official emulator
  • Regulator Updates
  • Use multiple programs
  • You can get a various type of features

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7. Remix OS

best android emulator for pc reddit

Remix OS is a heavily improved Android emulator for your windows for gaming performance. It is not like another emulator out there. It can hold Remix operating system on a USB device then boot any computer. Even, it is an efficient tool but doesn’t support massive games. You can use map keyboard buttons to control the game to feel very comfortable.

Developers are making an effort to develop Remix OS application software. It is doesn’t support AMD chipset and needs virtualization. This emulator has many options to customize for gamming. Remix OS is a robust emulator also with an in-built Play Store.  It allows at the same time to play multiple games.

Why you use Remis OS?

  • For Android OS it is the best to experience
  • Fresh and updated file manager
  • Best efficiency apps

Charge: Free

8. Genymotion

android emulator for pc windows 10

The Genymotion Android emulator is perfect for Developers and It is not a casual emulator for your Windows PC. It lets you test your app using different types of devices for various versions also it is targeted only at developers. Also, it works well on macOS and Linux. It is compatible with Android SDK. You can easily control between the two virtual devices. It is not great for consumer uses it is for use personal for free.

It has a lot of friendly features on your desktop and the cloud. it may not for choose for looking to test android on PC. Easy to use and run Android applications on the cloud as a virtual machine to select the emulator for PC and then just click the song on the main screen. You can use for any kinds of tablet, phone, and various android version.

Price:  You will free trial opportunity for a month besides; you also get a Premium version of $136 per year.

Why you should Genymotion for your pc?

  • It Supports Android Studio
  • Runs on macOS also for Linux devices
  • You can get an updated version

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9. GameLoop

download android emulator for pc

GameLoop Android emulator for formally knows as Tencent Gaming buddy on computer. This Android emulator is supported for Call of Duty mobile games on PC. This emulator only supported for PUBG mobile games. In fact, it is best for its game that Tencent calls it the official emulator including call of duty.

It has good features of other games aside from Tencent. ‍Also, it easy to use and download and install easy and the game is tested. It is not only well for productivity but also uses for testing purposes.

Price: Free

Why should you use GameLoop?

  • The brilliant control panel system
  • Great performance

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10. PrimeOS

safe android emulator for pc

PrimeOS is an operating system it is not working as an emulator. it gives you a complete desktop experience to access millions of Android apps on Windows or macOS. It is an alternative way to use RemixOS. Its gaming performance is good and useful for Gamming very Well. It supports Multi-window.

There are some gaming features like a mapping tool, custom control setting, dedicated gaming Centre to manage your desire Games. It is an awesome performance and the perfect Emulator to install all hardcore games smoothly.

Why should you use PrimeOS Emulator?

  • If you use the Emulator you will get a new user experience.
  • It has Awesome User-Friendly-interface
  • It supports multi-Window at a time.

Charge: Free

Final Word

Finally, I would say that here are above-mentioned emulators are really excellent to install any android apps and games easily. I tried to mention the best free Android emulators for PC Windows 10. Now you can use the best Android emulator for PC on your Windows 10/8/7 to install android apps and games. That’s all.

Basically, an Android emulator is one kind of software application that is allowed to simulate your Android mobile operating systems features on your Windows device. It is the best way to install any Android apps and games on your Windows 10/8/7, Desktop, Mac, and laptop devices using Emulator. It is only used for debugging persistence. If you like this article you can check also is Bluestacks safe to use for PC/Windows/Mac you should know.

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