NVSIP For PC – Free Download For PC (Windows/Mac/Laptop )

The NVSIP For PC is an incredible free software application for remote video recording, Monitoring, and amazing Surveillance tool. Which is helps you to record, the monitor also for surveillance in your residential area, office area, and other important places? To get your expected information about NVSIP for PC precisely it is the right place for you.

You will be able to switch remotely your CCTV cameras using this application.  The NVSIP is handy video controlling software for DVRs, NVRs, IP Cameras, etc. It serves multiple functions. You can control using the application Real-time live view, Playback recorded videos, and Alarm instant alerts. It looks nice and works nicely on your windows device to control CCTV video cameras.

You can use the camera to capture HD quality video playback system and capture any image as you like from live video on Windows 7/8/10, PC, Mac also for laptop. You can also store video recording on the SD card or android device internal memory and hard drive of your computer to watch anytime anywhere.

The NVSIP app has included a lot of nice features such as video Playback, Review of all the video recordings. The NVSIP App For PC like the Blink camera app, Superlative camera app, Wyze camera app but it has some exceptions. You can use the app on your PC without any doubt and manage your network cameras and IP cameras conveniently. However, download and install the NVSIP app and configuration step by step for PC, Windows 7/8/10, Mac, and Laptop computers. So, read the article and go ahead. You can also read IP Webcam for PC- Free Download For PC, Windows 7/8/10, and Mac.

Key Feature Of NVSIP For Windows PC

Features are the most important things for using the app. This NVSIP application has some good attractive features such as the easy connection of IP cameras, Camera management GroupWise, support multi-language, Cloud support for storage, and more features. You can connect with the other companies’ CCTV cameras like Hikvision, Blink App, Wyze cam app, etc the NVSIP app.  Here are highlight some important features below:

  • This software video record is clear and smooth on PC.
  • You can customize real-time videos also capture images.
  • Management IP camera device.
  • PTZ controlling system.
  • This software has a multi-language option.
  • Playback your video record anytime.
  • It has a backup system for users.
  • Take Screenshots from the Live Videos.
  • Device area executive.
  • Motion detection alarm
  • Free access from any time and anywhere.
  • View multi-channel.
  • For PTZ, you connect the joystick.
  • It has a video and audio system that means talk and listens together.

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How To Download NVSIP For PC & Install On Windows 7/8/10, Mac & Laptop

Download NVSIP For PC

Here I am going to share installing process three Ways of NVSIP for PC.  First, I will show the installing method by CMS (Central Monitoring System). It allows us to monitor the videos from a DVR (Display video Recording) or IP camera. As usually, it used for H.264 networks DVRs.

Method 1: NVSIP Install For PC Without Bluestacks

First, go to the download option. To download the CMS installer Click on the Download button and then download it within a few times. Now start the installation CMS installer on your computer. Go to the CMS download file and then right-click on the file and select the menu (Run as Administrator) option. After that, the system will be asked you automatically for installing permission. Click on the Install option then start the installation like the below picture.

In this segment, you have to select your preferred language which you like for the NVSIP for PC. And then select the directory folder for installation.  Notice the select button and click on the select button after that choose the folder where you want to install the NASIP App.  Finally, click on the Install Button. Now installation is being progressed. Wait a few minutes until the installation progress. In the last step,

When will be completed installation?  Automatically, it will show the short message “CMS Install Successful, Run Now? Click on the yes option to run the NVSIP on your PC. And then more instructions to compete run the NVSIP app for PC, Windows 7/8/10, Mac, and Laptop.

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Method 2: Install the NVSIP for MAC or Windows via Emulator

Install method of NVSIP For Mac and connect CCTV camera on your PC. If you want to know the procedure of installing the NVSIP app for Windows PC or Mac notice the installation process. In this method, I will show you how to run the NVSIP app on a PC using an Android emulator it’s called the Bluestacks emulator.  Android emulator means is the software program that allows running the android mobile app on Windows, PC, and Mac, and Laptop computers.

You will get many emulators online available free for use. For installing the android app on a PC anyone can use only one emulator. So, first, download the emulator and then run it on PC. After that, install the NVSIP app for PC.  Follow the highlight steps given below.

  • For running the android app on PC Download the Bluestacks emulator from the official website.
  • After completing the download then install it on PC.
  • Double click on the download file and install the Bluestakcs file and run it on your computer.
  • When you complete the running process of the Bluestacks program the shortcut icon will come to the PC home screen.
  • Now complete the sign-up process in blue stacks. When you have overcome all the procedures of setup the Bluestacks with patience this step completed.
  • After that, find out the Play Store icon and open it.
  • Next screen, search for your desire android app (NVSIP) to run on pc using the Play Store search bar.
  • Select the right app from the select results the click on the install button wait until when the completed installation NVSIP app on your emulator.
  • Then run the app on your emulator for Windows PC and Mac
  • Afterward, add your NVSIP app with the CCTV cameras
  • And then, watch your CCTV cameras video recording on your Windows PC or Mac & laptop computer.

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