free download superlive plus for pc

Free Download Superlive Plus For PC / Windows 7/8/10, Mac and Laptop

Superlive Plus is an important security application that helps you to surveillance your personal accommodation, apartment, office, and other places. You can also view live stream video using this application by IP camera. You will be able to free download superlive plus for pc from here easily without any hassle.

Now, I will share with you about download and installation information of Surperlive Plus for PC on your Windows 7/8/10, Mac, and Laptop device. Superlive plus CCTV camera work nicely with the help of the internet connection.

No need for wires as well. But you need to do configure first of all to get the view with the camera app. You have to configure the camera with the app by entering the IP address and port name.

Remember it; you must have to need a proper internet connection as if the internet works properly. On the other hand, you won’t be able to watch live streaming video footage with the camera app. It has also awesome features with the camera application.

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About SuperLive Plus App

Superlive Plus camera app is used for surveillance and it is available for smartphones. If you want to connect this camera app and enable it only you need the proper internet connection.

Then you will be able to watch CCTV footage from anywhere anyplace without staying you. It has two excellent features DVR and IPC. DVR means Digital Video Recorder, through the features records all the videos of the camera and saved in your internal memory or external memory like SD card.

After next, you can be able to watch all the video recordings as well. Then IPC means inter-process communication it executes to copy and paste data to transfer one file to another. Besides, it has more nice attractive features of the application users can also capture images from live video footage and save data.

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Main Features Of Super live Plus

Superlive Plus is powerful video monitoring and surveillance application that can manage remotely video monitoring and alarm information around the world by Android Smartphones.

This app user can know about security status updates always. Superlive Plus brings an outstanding user experience for users with attractive features, interactive design, and user’s friendly interface, and so on.

Even, Superlive plus for PC free download on PC Mac, Windows, and Laptop.  In addition, using scanning procedure QR code users can add and share devices. Here I will discuss more features below:

Face Database Adding

Take your picture and enter the right matching information and then save the setting. Automatically, the picture will be uploaded to the Server’s face database.

Automatic Connection

The system will automatically connect as a default; with the server list, all devices speedy accessing and displaying. The system will remind you to disable it when the devices are over 32pcs. Even, users can browser massive devices (e.g.100+pcs) in the server list. It quickly saves computing power and makes sure the phone running efficiently.

Alarm Push

The camera will get a notification when an alarm of motion event what’s happened. Users can immediately check the playback by pushing the notification alarm. Also, you can trigger the alarm device for the recognition face to check the target image.

Search by Pictures

If you want to search the related face image and videos take a picture after that, set the similarity, and “Start Time and End Time”.

Search by Name

You can search face by name. Enter the name and select the associated face. Afterward, you have to set the terms and conditions to search for pictures and videos.

Audio Intercom

Audio intercom features are good for site protection. It allows between the app and IPC (Inter-Process Communication).


It supported the fisheye de-warping and executive.


It supported H.265 decoding

Video Playback From SD Card

Users can playback recording video footage anywhere anytime from an SD card or IP camera.

PTZ Control

PTZ control For speed dome and motorized use, PTZ control and IPC are presented.
Wide compatibility: The camera apps compatible with your Android versions 5.0 and above also support the version of iOS.

Check-in From Almost Anytime Anywhere

Set your cameras and view footage using Tablets, Androids, Windows 7/8/10, Mac, and your own laptop commuters. Get notification alarms set up alarm notifications, playback on your device you are from home, or any place.


Share your video or audio recording also live video and capture images on Whatsapp, Facebook social media, Instagram, and others via Superlive Plus app.

QR Bug Report

When faced with software problems, a QR code can be generated. And then users can send it to maintenance employees. It fixes faster and easier than R&D to identify the issue.

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Superlive Plus For PC Free Install & Download For Laptop, PC, Windows7/8/10 & MacSuperLive Plus for PC Windows 10


Free Download Superlive Plus for PC with (BlueStacks)

For doing install properly Bluestacks follow this method. You will take help with an Android emulator on your Windows PC. Nox Player or Bluestacks is the better for you. Just install and then follow are steps here:

  1. Download & Install the Nox Player or Bluestacks emulator as you want.
    2. After that, you will get an icon of the emulator on your desktop screen
    3. Now getting the Play Store in the emulator is just like an android phone default play store.
    4. Now complete login of the play store
    5. Then search the cam application and install done it.
    6. Now complete all processes of installation of the application.
    7. Finally, Superlive plus for PC free download and run the app on your Windows PC, Mac, and laptop and get pleasure from it.

Download Free SuperLive Plus For PC and Download For MAC

If you are a Mac OS system you can use Superlive Plus app for the Mac OS operating system. The CCTV camera offers to set up the camera app with your Mac computer. Now follows our configuration procedure the Superlive plus for PC and Mac.

Step 1: Firstly time, you need to download Superlive Plus cam application for the Mac device.
Install it as like as another computer software application then go to the next option
Just after installing the application on your Mac computer and come to the second step.

Step 2: 

Now notice to your desktop screen and find the “Mac Super CMS app” now create an account by entering a username and password as you like.

After completing the sign-in procedure, the registration screen asks you automatically to log in. Just log in by entering your username and password.
Step 3:
After login, you can see the screen like below
This page has an option is named “Add” just press here and go to the next screen

Step 4:

In this section, you will get a screen as shown below.
Here will mention the title, Address, port, account password. Now fill up all the information attentively with the right info.

Title: As per your preference
Address: Press the IP address or domain name as per your device.
Port: As per your device.
Account: Press admin because the by default account is “admin”.
Password: Enter the default password is 123456.

Step 5:

 Now save all the information by clicking the “Save” button. Now check the DVR/NVR list in the device like the below picture.
Here is the best guide for you Superlive Plus for PC. Following these steps you can easily configure Superlive Pro IP camera for your Windows PC, Laptop, and Mac computer. Please know your opinion in the comment box.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a way to download the latest version of Superlive plus for pc, please visit our website and download the full version of Superlive plus for pc windows10/8/7.  It will help you maximize your system’s performance. You can free download available today! Free Download Superlive Plus For PC right now from our directly option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Superlive plus?

Ans: Super Live plus for PC is a great app for managing and controlling your home IP camera. It can help you to record video from your PC’s security camera. You can save video and audio recordings to your device so you can watch them later whenever you want.

How do I reset my security camera password?

Ans: If you forget the password, you should simultaneously reset the current default setting of the IP camera via the video reset button in the red hall. Reset the IP camera via the video reset button, please also set a time of 10 seconds Press Reset Booting, and then send all its default applications.

Is superlive Plue Free?

Ans: Yes, it is a completely free app for users. You can use this application to control the IP camera.

What is the IP camera activation password?

Ans: Recently the latest version of Surperlive Plus camera app firmware is (up to v5.3.0). It provides the IP address 192.0. 0.64 And the default activation password is 12345.

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