Blender Video Editing Software Download For Windows

Blender Video Editing Software Free Download For Windows

Blender Video Editing Software Free Download For Windows 10/7/8/PC. You can also for macOS devices. Blender is the world’s top-class Video editor software using for PC. It is completely free, open-source, and powerful video editing software. Unlucky, most new users can’t use the software and find it. For somewhat confusing for its composite integrated interface. Today I will try to bring for newbie users the best guideline on how to use Blender video editing software for PC.  Even, I also provide you the best easy way of download. The Blender video editing software free Download for Windows 7,8,10, Mac.

Because of the best features and nicely works the Blender software. That’s why, for top-notch and exceptional video editing software. It used a lot of professionals in the world. Free video editing software blender can be the first choice for you without any doubt. In this article, I will make clear all of the matters about Blender video editing software. Keep reading the complete article to know briefly regarding the blender editing software.

[Note: Open source means a short version of the software. It’s free for download and use in most cases.  But when you buy this software from any shop they will take charge. ]

Blender Video Editing Software Free Download For Windows 7/8/10 and MacOS [Updated Version]

Description About Blender Video Editing Software

Blender Video Editing Software Download

Blender software was first released by Blender Foundation. Approximately, One to three billion users have used the Blender Video editing software in the world as per their website information. Mostly, Blender video editing software for Windows is used for editing and creating videos. you can use for editing movies, music, video games, visual effects, television shows, films, advertisements, and video essays, and so on.

Video editing is highly making the most of the multimedia sector for some of the states such as Australia, New Zealand, the United stated, and the United Kingdom, etc. Blender video editing software has built-in a Path-tracer engine. It’s similar to other offline renders like Ray and Arnold. It works by casting many of the scenes to collect information about light and color in the shadows of the given pixels.

Blender is more popular for its 3D graphics suite. Without video editing, it can be used by scientists, artists, students, visual effect experts, game developers. Besides, many people use the software for creating animation and more professionals for its awesome features. In addition, Discovery and National Geographic TV channels often use Blender for video editing projects. Also, many 3D animation movie creators use Blender.

Overview of Blender Features

  • Rendering
  • GPU Rendering
  • Simulation
  • Animation Toolset
  • Visual Effects
  • Camera and Object Motion Tracking
  • Masking
  • Phyton Scripts
  • Game Creation
  • Video Editing
  • Fast Rigging
  • High-End Production Path Tracer Engine
  • Modeling
  • Customizable UI
  • Compositing
  • Integrate with Pipeline Tools

Explain Of Features Of The Blender Video Editing Software For Windows

blender video editing software windows 10

Path-Tracer Engine

Path tracing is a computer graphics method that is faithful to the reality of world illumination. Basically, the algorithm reaches a single point on the surface of an object and focuses on all illumination. Its brightness is reduced by the surface reflection function to determine in the visible camera. This integration is repeated for each pixel in the

Output Image

The render engine in Blender is capable of generating more accurate lighting and visual presence. The feature works by identifying light as pixels.

GPU Rendering

Blender Video Editor’s render engine is incapable of delivering the project using a graphics card instead of a CPU. The features are usually well-known as GPU rendering and it is very beneficial. The Blender software helps you to render videos or animations faster than other video editing software. This can significantly speed up the rendering process by numbering crunches. The feature is essential for delivering video games and other 3D important applications.

Film/Cartoon Animation

Blender includes comprehensive arrays of animation tools and features. It is only for free video editing software that can help to use create short or full-length videos. You can also generate animated videos. Also, the editor features retro dynamics and distinct movements that help to make the animated film realistic. It supports automated skin and quick manipulation tools to work bone layers and color groups.

Visual/Image Effects

Particularly, visual effects are really scarce in the case of free video editing software. However, it has various VFX excellent features like a built-in compositor. Besides, the software has a complete library of features such as awesome camera effect, vignettes, color grading, and much more features.  You may perhaps be surprised to know that Blender Software has used for visual effects in several popular movies.

3D Game Creation

The game engine is a great feature of Blender Video Editing software that helps to create 3D games. Basically, the feature will help for users to make quality 3D games. You can code for your game logic, port models and integrate third-party engines. Get ready interactive prototypes and visualizations to the software for Windows PC.

User-friendly Interface

All new and advanced users love the software to fully customize the layout. Even, it works for you to customizing fully their viewport with just Python scripting. The Blender interface offers for users:

  • Permanence across all platforms.
  • There is no trouble pop-up Window.
  • Support Crisp text for high DPI/retina display.

Video Editing

It has a built-in video sequence that allows you to create videos with basic functions. These function are video cut and joining, masking or color grading, and much more functions.

The Blender video Editing software has included:

  • Live preview, Chroma Vectorscope, and Luma waveform.
  • Adjustment levels, filters, Keyframes, and so on.
  • Images, audio, scenes, 32 slots for adding video, masks, and effects.

Blender Video Editing Software Free Download For Windows

Blender video editor free download for Windows 7, 8.10, Mac, and Linux. No require a subscription for downloading any video. Download any program very easily in your preferred OS with a few clicks. You can download the Blender Application software for your Windows PC or Mac from the official website ( For modification, you also download the source code version.

If you need to download for your preferred device or operating system just go to ( official website then you will get including options such as Windows 10,7,8, Mac OS, Linux, source code, and more. After that, download the suitable one for your device or as per the operating system. Next, open the downloaded file and installed it on your device. You can complete installing conveniently like other computer application software. The Blender software application is fully free for your device.

Also, Blender free video editing software offered as a cloud app. If you want to use it as a could app you need to pay monthly a fixed amount. Cloud applications do not use any computing power on your computer. You can download the latest version of blender 2.8 video editing from here. 2.83.4

How To Use Blender Video Editor Software For Beginners?

blender video editing software review

I will provide you a guide on how to use Blender Video editor software as a beginner. To edit audio and video you need to download Blender video editor software for your personal computer. To create 3D design and animation video it is the best choice for you. You can use the software without any doubt. In this section follow the given steps for using properly the software.

Part 1: Blender Video Editing Software Windows 10/8/7 Install Procedure

  • For using Blender Video Editing software no need to register. You can download the Windows program file for your operating system. To download the EXE.file of Blender go to the download section of the official site ( Even, you can download source code to modify the program file.
  • The software supports for Windows 7/8/10, macOS, Linux also downloads source code for medication the program file. Now you can download the Blender video editing software from the official website and then complete the installation step by step by following instructions from the official website.
  • It is a completely free app for Windows also this app is available as a cloud app. If you want to use you have to pay an amount per month for the cloud app. Now enjoy the Blender software by making creative and new videos.

Part 2:  Switch Blender Interface To Edit Video On Workspace

  • To edit a video with Blender software you need to change the default workplace switch from hidden in a pull-down list and change the workplace to Video Editing manually.


  • When the interface will be switched to Video editing now all things will easier for you.
  • Now use the Blender software if you are using other software for editing before you many figures this Blender and use it try to after several times.

Part 3:  Use Blender Video Editing Interface

If you want to edit any video you just need to know 2 mark options here:

  • This is a feature button with access to a separate workspace. For Fresher, this icon will prevent you from accidentally switching from Windows to another and bring you back to the previous workspace.
  • It will add your video clip. If you haven’t yet added a clip, this is where your video content begins.

Part 3:  Add Video Footage and Audios How?

  • 1. Find the 1 button and press and then go to file browser now change the path of your video record from the storage file.
  • 2. This step is important. Now switch to display mode then drag and drop the shots of your choice from the computer folder to your current video timeline (Video Sequence editor in Blender)
  • Add video or audio footage to the Blender Video Sequence editor through drop and drug.
  • Now download your editing video to the MP4 file format.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q. Is Blender Good For Video Editing?

Ans:  Sure, Blender is good for suitable and creative video editing. Because, it is used only for video editing and performance is best. It works nicely for making 3D design and animation. But, for video record editing it’s worthless.

Q. Is Blender Video Editor Free?

Ans: Yes, Blender editor is fully free software for users and open-source software to making smooth video also suitable for 3D creation. It supports 3D, pipline, modeling, rigging, simulation, animation, and composite also motion tracking features fully free.

Q. Is Blender Easy For Beginners?

Ans: Simple answer: no! But the answer is not just about Blender. It’s about the industry in general. How much experience he has in the industry itself. If you come up with something out of the ordinary. Then they have to re-think their position. However, the Blender interface is not easy at first glance.

Q. Can Blender Edit Mp4?

Ans: Certainly, Blender supports MP4 videos using H.264 and ACC for reading and exporting.

Q. Can YouTubers Use The Blender Editing Software For Making YouTube Videos?

Ans: Of course, all users can use the Blender software for making creative YouTube videos. It is a great video software editor and completely free for Windows PC. Bedsides, Discover, and Geography channels are using this software for video editing. I would say all YouTubers can use for making YouTube video without any questions.

Q. How Do I install Blender On Windows 10?

Ans: Already, I have discussed A to Z about download and install the Blender video editing software. If you want to download and install properly you can check the download and install section.

Q. Is Blender 3d Good?

Ans: Blender is great for a 3D design for freelancers. It is free software and powerful. If you want to use the software. You will be highly beneficial.

Q. Does The Blender Leave A Watermark?

Blender is best known for its creative and advanced 3D animation capabilities. However, this is an open-source tool in this software has some deadly powerful non-linear video editing functions. Note: Some Blender templates may contain a watermark; however, you can delete them easily through edits yourself.

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