PC Games Free Download Full Version For Windows 10

Top 20 PC Games Free Download Full Version For Windows 10

Most game lovers like to play games on their Windows PC or Laptop. In this article, we tried to find the best pc games free download full version for windows 10. These games are free and compatible with your operating system. You can download free-of-charge Windows 10 games from our website without restriction.

These games are safe 100%, and convenient with your windows and Laptop device. We have found through plenty of research the list of free games for PC and laptop. Our game list covers a wide range of knowledge about these games. If you want to select the best game for you read the full article and select the best game for you. You can also read GTA Vice City Liberty City Download.

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PC Games Free ownload Full Version For Windows 10

1. Grand thief Auto 4 Game 

GTA 4 is an action-adventure game. It can be the best PC game for you. While you start playing the game, you will face several missions to win the game. You have to complete all the missions if you want to go to the up level. Now download the windows file for free and install it on your computer. Grand Theft Auto 4 is an Awesome and enjoyable game for game lovers also it is an Adventure action game created by Rockstar.

Actually, the graphics of GTA IV are so interesting and really amazing. If you’re looking for the best game to play on your Windows device, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can download GTA 4 for PC without paying any amount. If you want to play the game, you need to have the necessary system on your PC.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Operating System (OS): Windows 10
  • Graphics Card: 256MB NVIDIA 7900.
  • CPU Speed: 1.8 GHz
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo.
  • Hardware T&L: Yes
  • Sound Card: Yes
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Video Card: 512MB NVIDIA 8600
  • Free Disk Space: 16 GB
  • Dedicated Video RAM: 256 MB
  • Keyboard and mouse

2. Vice City

Vice City is a popular and excessive game for Windows 10 users. If you don’t have any idea about this game you can get enough information about this game from this article. Vice City PC is a high definition and full HD game. This game has several Mission levels. You have to complete all missions for going up to level.  The graphics of Vice City’s game will fascinate you. It allows you to drive any vehicle or use lots of weapons. It is a great windows game for PC.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Processor Intel Pentium III.
  • AM128 MB.
  • Video card 32 MB with DirectX 9.0 compatible drivers.
  • CD/DVD drive speeds 8X.
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Sound Card with DirectX 9.0 compatible drivers
  • Fee hard disk space 915 MB
  • Keyboard and Mouse

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3. W ks Blitz

It is one of the popular and most likable free games for windows. The game is like World of Tanks and takes a shot at Windows 10 gadgets just like smartphone phones. It brings more than 300 tanks from Germany, Great Britain, the United States, the USSR, and Japan, permitting you to utilize 7 versus 7 to win the fight.

You can face 26 distinct conflicts, reverse with different players through in-game talk, and get the achievement for your game. The game is free for windows 10. However, you can pay genuine cash for things like services or vehicles.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1, 10.
  • Processor: 2 GHz.
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM.
  • Graphics card: DirectX 11 compliant video card.
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Storage: 3 GB available space.

4. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is an awesome and popular free game for PC that makes you the head specialist of an underground Vault. You should manufacture the best Vault there is, satisfy people by giving them the correct employments, the correct garments, weapons, and preparing, all to shield them from the Wasteland. There are plenty of options to make the game fun.

What will you decide to do: give clean water, enough food, or spare credits for building all the more living space? You can likewise make some in-game buys with genuine cash, yet Bethesda (the designer) is prudent about it, without irritating you or easing back your advancement through the game if you don’t pay. That is extraordinary!

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 10.
  • For this game, you need Intel Core 2 Quad (Processor).
  • RAM: 2GB.
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit): Q9550 @2.83GHZ.
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 1GHz.
  • Hard Disk Space: You need 2GB of free HDD (Hard Disk Drive) space.

5. Asphalt 9: Legends

It is an excellent free racing game in the Store for Windows PC. The game made by Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini. This app has over 70 altered racing tracks in various real-world sites from America to the Himalayas. Each racing step is hard to play.

If you are interested to play the game you can play over 60 seasons and 800 racing levels. Even, you can also contribute against up to 7 players in real-time in the World Sequence Multiplayer mode. This game gives you a new smooth arcade racing experience. App purchases are definitely available and that’s fine. However, the ads may become a bit irritating subsequently despite the fact.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 3.3GHz
  • RAM: 4 Gb
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • DirectX: 10
  • Video card: Nvidia Geforce 940MX

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6. Microsoft Solitaire Collection

The Microsoft Solitaire Collection game is free for Windows PC this is one kind of card game based on the original solitaire. The solitaire game has been in Windows for over 25 years and it is one of the most popular games also. It has included the Classic Solitaire, Spider, FreeCell, Tropics, and Pyramid.

Also, it is a great and incredible windows game for your PC. It remains the most played computer game of all time for everyone and a good purpose. For simple rules and straightforward gameplay, it makes it easy for everyone. This is a part of Windows for over 30 years and also Microsoft solitaire collection best experiences today with five separate card games in one.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Operating System(OS): Windows 10
  • CPU(Central Processing Unit): arm, x86, neutral, x64
  • Hard disk drive: 42.63 – 113.6 MB
  • RAM: 2 GB

7. Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

The word game is a free game for Windows 10 on your computer. This game has a great technique to relax your brain while playing the game in multiple ways each game mode and daily challenges! Share game clips and take the challenge with your friends online!

Crosswords come with multiple board sizes and exertion levels, in words you should find as numerous words as likely in a 4×4 grid of letters, and jumble provides you a rack of letter tiles from which you have to make words. You can get challenges in each level of the game and you can play multiplayer if you want.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Operating System (OS): Windows 10.
  • CPU(Central Processing Unit): 1 Gigahertz (GHz)
  • RAM: For 32-bit (1 gigabyte (GB)and for 64-bit (2 gigabyte (GB)
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 9 8. Microsoft Bingo
  • Hard Disk Space: You require 16 GB for 32 bit and 20 GB for 64 bit.

8. Microsoft Bingo

Microsoft Bingo is a free game that converts classic games into simulated games. The basics are the same as the game, but the theme is too lightweight for the world, and seeing the space from Paris to the Great Barrier Reef Microsoft Bingo for Windows 10 brings the familiar arcade game to your PC. To play the Microsoft bingo game and get leadings, you can join five numbers or triangles, horizontally or vertically four numbers in the corner.

Trial other players and chat with them in real-time. Win and you’ll be on the leaderboard. Microsoft Bingo for Windows 10 shows several foreign locations in the background. Gaining points lets you unlock new and beautiful sections. It is a great game for casual gamers System for their windows 10 PC.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit):  ARM, x64, x86
  • RAM: 2 GB

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9. Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO

Dead Rivals is a fast-paced game with a focus on zombie MMO jobbies. You must fight to endure in an apocalyptic world. You can modify your character, build a shelter, build weapons, upgrade your skills, and so on. The game allows you to play with others on the team or fight against them in a player vs. player.

As long as you can play this game for no money, you can also occupy real money to buy the game. Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO is an activity game set in the world finishing a world where zombies have infused the whole spot. With no place to run, all that is left to do is battle for durability.

The thing is, you won’t just be battling against the undead yet different players also, particularly when assets are scant and safe spaces are constrained. There is distinctive ongoing interaction accessible in Dead Rivals. You can fight against different groups in a natural selection game or investigate unfamiliar spots in an undertaking mode.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Operating System: Windows 10.
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit): Intel Core 2 Duo.
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB.
  • Free space: 30 GB.
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4000 integrated.

10. Innovation 2

Innovation 2 is one of the best PC games. If you like the game so much then you have to play this game once. In this game, zombies attack the player and the player has to cross the steps. The graphic of discovery 2 is so amazing. In this game, the developers include horror words that make this game real.

The development of PC gaming highlights ups, down, important characters, and many, several sections. Additionally, these sections are not generally so obviously categorized. There is a lot of conversation about the old backdrop of PC gaming. This is a real-time game and you will love it.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Operating system: Windows 10 64-Bit
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T7250
  • Memory:2 GB
  • Graphics Card: Intel HD 4600
  • STEEL RIVALS File Size:5 GB

11. Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 

Do you know about Grand Theft Auto game 5? If your answer is yes good! but if you don’t know, I am going to share a GTA 5 game for your Computer. It is an excellent action game for your computer by Rockstar Games. The GTA 5 game aspects like a fully HD visuals game like movie type.

You will be astonished that only a single player can control three characters in the game. You can download and install the game and play the game on your PC on Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. It is the best PC game for your windows or Laptop.

Download and install the GTA5 game on your computer easily and quickly. You need 8 GB RAM and core i5 computer hardware if you want to play the game on your computer comfortably. Do not attempt to play this game core i3 computer.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10(64 bit).
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHZ (4 CPUs)
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 660 2 GB
  • Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible
  • HDD Space: 65 GB
  • DVD Drive

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12. Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms is a free and popular computer game for iOS, Android and Windows developed by Gameloft. It is a world manufacturer game-themed off Disney Parks far and wide. It was formally boosted on 17 March 2016. This game’s for the most part of youngsters that place you in charge of building the best-delighted park ever.

The characters in the game are those made by Disney liveliness, going from Mickey Mouse to Rapunzel, Tinker Bell, etc. Players can gain Magic and Experience by sending characters on missions and assignments, and at times Tokens to open or level up characters.

Premium characters and attractions are opened utilizing Gems, which are earned by step-up characters, finishing character assortments, or review day-by-day declarations. The game additionally includes chests, once in a while covered up in the Kingdom, yet additionally can be purchased for Gems, which grant various prizes relying upon the sort of chest, for example, attractions, Tokens, enhancements, or concessions.

Similarly, in the game is Merlin’s Shop, wherein the player can get Tokens and attractions complete Elixirs, which are become by trading them for ornamentations and franchises in Merlin’s cauldron. The game likewise incorporates coasts dependent on each establishment, which award Magic, Tokens, or Gems through motorcades.

Playing during Events can open constrained time characters and attractions. When the Events are finished, this substance once in a while returns in restricted time chests. A few characters likewise have ensembles, which can be gotten through Tokens, Gems, or as a prize at an Event. The game is radiantly shaded, and the graphics look incredible, so kids will likely love it.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • CPU: Core i3
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • VIDEO CARD: 256 MB Video Card.
  • Keyboard Mouse

13. Sniper Fury

The sharpshooter Fury is an online single-player computer game developed by Gameloft. It was released on 2 December 2015 for Windows, iOS, and Mac, and then the steam version was released on 13 June 2017. There are more than 500 missions in which you can shoot aggressors, defensively covered vehicles, air units, and then some.

Sharpshooter Fury additionally offers multiplayer difficulties and lets you do things like from your crew or take from different players. Unfortunately, the game contains plenty of microtransactions, and that can disturb numerous players. The game spins around mechanics basic for most expert sharpshooter games, where the player needs to wipe out an extraordinary larger part of his objectives from long distance.

To finish an errand, the player can utilize an assortment of advanced devices, for example, a discovery gadget that will tell the area of each close by human, or energizers, which will help reflexes to powerful levels.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Operating System (OS): Windows 10.
  • CPU: Intel Core i3.
  • CPU SPEED: 2 GHz.
  • RAM: 512 MB.
  • VIDEO CARD: 128 MB Video Card.
  • VIDEO RAM: 128 MB.
  • SOUND CARD: Yes.

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14. Roblox

Roblox is a free game where you can get from the Microsoft Store and play on your Windows 10 games. You can likewise play it on a portable way to like Android and iOS. The game expects you to enroll a record and afterward make a symbol.

Roblox is particularly well known with kids, as it lets players make their own “games inside the game.” In the game, you can likewise make a wide range of apparatus, for example, building devices, weapons, transportation things, instruments, and numerous others.

Even though from the start, the game can feel overpowering, after some time, you discover that everything is more straightforward than it initially appears. Note that you can likewise go through genuine cash in Roblox, which is changed over into Roblox virtual money. With this in-game cash, you can purchase redesigns and even frill for your symbol.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Graphics Card:  DirectX 9 minimum
  • Shader Model: 2.0.
  • Video Card: Integrated video card.
  • Processor: Recent processor (2005+) with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz.
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Storage Space: MB

15. Battle.net

A battle is a struggle in warfare between at least two or military armed forces. War for the most part comprises different fights. All in all, a fight is a military commitment that is all around characterized in length, zone, and powerful commitment.

A commitment with just restricted responsibility between the powers and without conclusive outcomes is once in a while called a clash. Battle.net is one of the most popular and the best sites for downloading free PC games. For more than 22 years, this internet online gaming store has been the stronghold of isolation to a large number of gamers in the world.

Their different stock is one no gamer would surrender for anything. Fortunately, they made everything fair by giving out some free games from time to time. You may also play popular games like Warcraft and Hearthstone for free. You can download and install the game on your personal computer and play the game and enjoy it more. Spend your free time at the Battle arm force game.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Operating System (OS): Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-4770
  • Video Card: NVIDIA@GeForce GTX 960 4 GB.
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage space: 70 GB

16. Valorant

Valorant is a new game as it just turned out in 2020 for the Windows PC. Created by Riot Games, who you might be acquainted with from their hit MOBA title, League of Legends comes a spic and span group based strategic FPS for players to appreciate at present. This game is regularly viewed as a mix of CSGO and Overwatch.

By and large, the game spotlights on group targets and relentlessly alongside high-exactness gunplay a lot to any semblance of CSGO. There’s a great deal of working with your group and rapidly going after the adversary. In any case, the enormous switch up in this game may have players intrigued by the program of saints accessible.

Every legend has its own one-of-a-kind capacity and qualities even though the game doesn’t permit players to spam controls the whole time. A major center revolves around being an FPS however through the span of a couple of rounds; players will have the option to develop their saint forces to help make a major move during the game.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • CPU: Intel Core- i3.
  • RAM: 4GB RAM.
  • VRAM: 1 GB
  • Graphics: Intel HD 3000.

17. Hyper Scape

Hyper Scape is an allowed-to-play FPS set later on for 2054 where players must fight it out in Neo-Arcadia. Outwardly, the game seems to be like a few cutting-edge settings we’ve seen before, for example, Overwatch, however, the interactivity is unbelievably quick.

With a few groups dropping into the guide, the game psychologists down marginally not quite the same as what we’re accustomed to seeing. Instead of being a standard circle that surrounds players, irregular areas of the city will begin to glitch and evacuate off the guide.

Gameplay is very interactive and is quick with players having to rapidly move around the guide, take out adversaries, utilize a scope of various capacities, for example, making up an enormous divider hindrance, and obviously helping your partners.

Like different games, if a partner happens to lose their life, they will have the option to move around the guide to respawn focuses for another living player to resuscitate them. Another intriguing angle is that this game is engaged around gushing where watchers can decide on various in-game occasions, for example, low gravity or offering vast ammunition for a term of time.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 for 64 bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 3220
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2 GB, AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2 GB)
  • SOUND CARD: DirectX-compatible sound card with drivers
  • RAM: 2048 MB

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18. Dauntless

Set in a dreamland, Dauntless places players into the job of a slayer, a class of warriors that are entrusted with bringing down monstrous beasts that have destroyed the world. From multiple points of view, Dauntless is like the Monster Hunter arrangement with the game giving a substantial accentuation on creating and updating weapons before going out and looking for these gigantic behemoths in nature.

These chases are not in every case simple too, you’ll need to utilize your craftiness, particular rigging, and aptitudes, and route however fortunately you’ll likewise be able to depend on a companion. Fearless highlights multiplayer support and the designers are trusting that gamers utilize social collaborations.

Much like World of Warcraft or Destiny, crusade missions and investigation should be possible with a gathering. We’re likely going to see increasing content being included in the game after some time to give players more regions to investigate, beasts to kill and even weapons to make.

Obviously, to get the entirety of the treats and route you’ll need to go through a touch of cash, for example, the Hunt Passes which offers players selective rewards, for example, weapon skins and corrective defensive layer sets.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Operating system: Windows 10 supported.
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-2400.
  • Memory:4 GB.
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660.
  • Dauntless File Size: 15 GB.

19. Duelyst

Duelyst is a serious multiplayer strategic turn-based procedure game with cards. It has flunkies, spells, and antiques all the stuff you’d generally expect from a computerized game that happens on a board fairly like Final Fantasy Tactics. It’s additionally a standout amongst other web-based games there is right now. Certainly, check it out.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • CPU: 2.0Ghz dual-core Intel Core i5
  • VIDEO CARD: Nvidia Geforce 600 series with 2GB memory.

20. League of Legends

This League of Legends game is one of the most popular and awesome online multiplayer games the web brings to the table. It may not be completely conceivable to blossom with League of Legends by adhering to the free mode, however that shouldn’t prevent you from playing the game, and on the off chance that you don’t care for investing energy to open heroes pay to open the ones, you’d prefer to play.

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10 on Gaming PCs

  • OS: Windows 10.
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU): 3GHz Processor.
  • RAM: 2GB RAM.
  • DirectX: Version 9C
  • Hard disk free space: 12GB.
  • Screen Resolution: up to 1920×1200.
  • Shader: Version 2.0b capable video card.

Here is the Comparison Table of 10 Games

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Final Verdict

However, in this post, we mentioned the top 20 You can download the pc games full version for windows 10 free. Choose your favorite game and download it from here using the download button and then install it on your computer and enjoy it. I think that you will mostly like this game list and choose the best game for you. If you have any queries and questions, comment us via the comment section. So, these pc games free download full version for windows 10 easily from here and enjoy. If you like this article you can also read GTA Vice City Back To The  Future Mod Hill Valley Download.

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