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Map my walk app download for Android and download Apk file

Map My Walk app is a fitness tracking application that enables you to use the GPS of your Android or other devices to track all of your fitness activities.

In fact, you can record your work out details, that’s including distance, duration, speed, pace, calories, elevation, route and burned travelled on an interactive map.

The user will find the features and tools you need to stay on motivated and track along the way.

When, every mile you go, you will get feedback and stats to help you improve your performance. From here, you can get inspired to reach new walking goals with a 40 million member strong work of athletes. Also, the good related app is Map My Fitness.

Track and Map My Walk App your Workout

  • Over 600+ activities with the largest selection of work types, including cycling, running, walking, cross, gym workouts, cross training, and more.
  • You will get audio feedback on every GPS-tracked walk, with customizable voice feedback for stats like route, pace, calories, distance and more.
  • Add your running shoes and track mileage with Gear Tracker.
  • To import 400+ devices with connecting and analyze all your data in one place.

Connect with Wearable’s and Apps

Track your activity with the device Wear app and see your progress at a glance.

Connect shoes that automatically track with UA Record Equipped and your activity and sync your data or information with your MapMyWalk App.

Sync your information data with the hottest apps and wearables, that’s including Android Wear, Google Fit, Garmin Fit bit, and more.

Take control of your nutrition by connecting with MyFitness Pal for a comprehensive look at your calorie burn and intake.

What has happened App?

This app worked successfully for 2 years & now every other time I open it wants to sign in. As its work annoying is the sing in then doesn’t work. It doesn’t approve my email but sends me an email.

What’s new

Check out the latest updates

  • Track your Workout is the main, middle option in the nav bar.
  • Post Status is obtainable on the activity feed screen.
  • Log Workout is available when you visit your list of workouts.
  • Get around easier with new bottom navigation.
  • The ‘fan menu’ option is new in more convenient places of the workout.
  • The new Photo editor lets you can customize photos with your stats and share.

Thanks for reading and interesting Map My Walk App. If you want to get the app so, Sign Up now. Also, if you have already an account so sign in here.

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